Computer peripherals often wear out more quickly than the computer itself and we currently have a shortage of these two peripherals. Our IT team does their best to repair old or damaged peripherals, but often we have to switch them out, based on need. Having an on-site stock of these peripherals would cut down on the downtime of our staff that results from old or faulty equipment.
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Our IT team works hard to support a staff of 69 people and ensure that all computer equipment is functioning and that our staff can continually perform their duties. Unfortunately, computer mice and keyboards have the most wear and tear, so despite our repair efforts, we are quite often short of these peripherals and have to switch them out based on need. We are looking to have a small inventory of these items on hand to use both as loaners while the others are repaired, and also to replace those peripherals that cannot be repaired. This surplus will ensure that the staff is not negatively impacted when a peripheral breaks and can continue their work with minimal interruption.


Note: We also accept in-kind donations from individuals and organizations on a case-by-case basis. Do you have new-ish computer mice or keyboards that you are interested in donating? Email us with the details and we would be happy to work with you!