Current Needs

  • Computer peripherals often wear out more quickly than the computer itself and we currently have a shortage of these two peripherals. Our IT team does their best to repair old or damaged peripherals, but often we have to switch them out, based on need. Having an on-site stock of these peripherals would cut down on the downtime of our staff that results from old or faulty equipment.
    Donation: $0.00 / $150.00
  • Our M&E department collects and analyzes a vast amount of data each month. Some of their computers, however, are outdated and are slow in processing the data they need, thus resulting in delays. We’re seeking funds to purchase four desktop computers with state-of-the-art processors to aid this team in the crucial work they do.
    Donation: $0.00 / $2,500.00
  • We currently using a DELL power Edge R200 sever which has small capacity, it helps us to share files on the network and to save only Impotent documents. We need a big server which will allow us to backup all our workstations/computers automatically without having a space problem
    Donation: $0.00 / $2,768.78